Step 8: Getting Back Together With Your Ex

Winning back the love of an ex boyfriend or girlfriend is hard enough, but doing it while they're dating someone else can be even more challenging. But in following the guidelines for such a scenario, you can reach the final milestone in your quest to reverse your breakup: getting back together again.

Reversing Break Up

While getting your ex to come back is a fantastic achievement, the longer road is still ahead of you: building a new relationship together. You'll both want this one to last, so you'll need it to be built on a strong foundation. By recognizing the errors of the past and correcting them early, you can start with a clean slate and begin creating a future in which you and your ex can be a successful couple.

At the same time, you'll also need to forgive each other for past issues or transgressions. Anything that happened before should be considered water under the bridge, and neither one of you should allow it to affect your new relationship. By letting old issues rear up and bite you in the ass, you'll run the risk of damaging the future you're trying to build. Let bygones be bygones.

The Final Steps in Getting Your Ex To Leave Their Lover

By now your ex should know how you feel about them, and the connection between you should be strong again. Hopefully the connection your ex feels with his or her current boyfriend or girlfriend is nearly at an end, and they're ready to jump on board with dating you again.

To make your ex's decision easier, try to emphasize the finality of the relationship you want with them. Anyone who's about to leave someone in order to be with you will want assurances that they're letting go of their current romance for something better: something solid, real, and very substantial. Don't be wishy-washy about what you want, and let you ex know in no uncertain terms that you plan to make things work the second time around.

Giving Your Ex Time To Break Off Their Existing Romance

You may be seeing them, you may even be sleeping with them... but you don't fully have your ex back until they break off their existing relationship.

Fixing a Break Up

In some cases this happens quickly, your ex being ready and eager to jump back into dating you again. But in other instances, your ex might be searching for just the right time to let their new boyfriend or girlfriend know they're being dumped. Have patience, and give your ex the chance to end things on their own terms. You're in the home stretch - don't be pushy.

At the same time, don't let your ex stretch things out forever. If you're having trouble getting an ex to make that final step in your direction, you may need to take additional measures to get them back. In this case, you may want to check out Cucan Pemo's 4-Step Strategy that will quickly have your ex more than eager to come back to you.

Cleaning Up Any Existing Issues Before Moving Forward

Once you have your ex back, you should resolve any existing issues before wiping the slate clean for good. Set aside a single date just for the purpose of airing any grievances left over from your previous relationship. These should be important issues, and not little things. Both of you should have the ability to talk freely, without being judged or interrupted by the other, and neither one of you should place blame.

Dating Your Ex Boyfriend Girlfriend

By making this a constructive conversation, each of you can get everything off your chest and start your new romance with a clear conscience. You can begin rediscovering each other, and forging ahead with fresh new memories.

Try to take your ex to places neither of you have been before, and avoid the old haunts where you had the biggest fights or arguments. If it's possible, go away for a little while - spending a weekend in a romantic and unfamiliar setting can help you focus on each other once more. Giving your romance a chance to bloom is important, especially in the beginning when you're getting used to being together again.

The last thing to realize is that your ex may have moved on without you, but he or she is now back in your arms again. For that reason, don't harbor any ill will or bitterness toward your ex for having dated someone else. You cannot and should not let that situation bother you: each of you dated other people way before you met, and those relationships shouldn't come into play when it comes to your own romance... and neither should this one. Whatever happened, happened. Let things be, and enjoy the fact that you've gotten your ex back!

Other Resources That Will Help Win Your Ex Back

If you've managed to use this 8-Step process to win back your ex's heart again? Congratulations! You're one of the lucky people who get a second shot at something that could be potentially great again.

Sometimes though, your efforts to get your ex back from their new boyfriend or girlfriend might need a little bit more of a push. If you're stuck anywhere within this process or are having trouble getting your ex to contact or communicate with you, the following resources all specialize in turning your ex's feelings back toward you:

The Magic of Making Up

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Cucan Pemo - Bring Back Your Lost Love

Bring Back Lost Love    by Cucan Pemo
World famous for his seminars on repairing relationships, Cucan Pemo's approach includes direct techniques designed to do one single thing: get your ex to come to you, instead of you having to go chasing after them.

By applying his methods to your current situation, you can actually affect your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend's current attitude toward you, putting them into the mindset for reconciliation.

Break Up Reversed

BreakUp Reversed    by Robert Parsons
Designed to work quickly, Robert Parson's guide to reversing your break up is geared toward those who feel their ex is rapidly slipping away. In this case, reconnection becomes an all-important aspect of getting your ex back - especially when they may have already started dating somebody else.

Breakup Reversed also includes several bonus guides that help you through the process of winning your ex back and keeping them happy once you have them again.


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